Gulf Coast Writers Group

from the founders of The Annual Gulf Coast Writers Conference

Gulf Coast Writers Meet the 1st Monday of each month
at The Bay County Library (11th Street)


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Top Reasons to Join GCW

Excellent monthly meetings/programs; spring and fall conferences covering every aspect of writing—sharpen skills; Stay Inspired.

Workshops, critique groups, writing retreats 

Discounts on the Gulf Coast Writers Conference, contest entry fees, members’ books, co-op advertising, etc

Meet and network with other writers, editors, publishers, agents, and media experts

Includes subscription to our newsletter

Sell books, arts, crafts at GCW events and GCW sponsored booths

Your membership and involvement helps GCW programs and classes for young people

Be a part of an artist community

Gain exposure for your writing

Have your work published in our annual anthology

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Membership Options


Gulf Coast Writers Membership Application

Please print and fill out the following membership application form
and mail it, with the appropriate dues to:
Gulf Coast Writers
PO Box 35038
Panama City, FL 32412

NEW MEMBER ____________ RENEWAL ___________

Name:________________________________________ Date: ________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

City: _______________________ State: __________ Zip Code: _______________

County of Residence:________________________________

Country of Residence:  USA______ Other:_______________________________

Company Affiliation/Occupation: _______________________________________________________

Home Phone: (    ) ____________________ Fax (    ) _______________________

Work Phone:_________________________________________________

Email Address: ______________________________________

Web site URL: __________________________________________

Membership year: May - April

Joining after October? Pay $20.00.

$30.00 General Member

Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ________________
Make checks payable to Gulf  Coast Writers and mail to:
Gulf Coast Writers, PO Box 35038
Panama City, FL 32412
In addition to my dues, I am including a donation to GCW of $ _________ for outreach programs for young people.